Argentina 2022

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Julian summited Aconcagua (22,838 ft) for the Matt Hampson Foundation at 18.40 GMT Tuesday 11th January 2022. Summit night was a 15 hr round trip from camp 2 to summit & back to camp 2. Strangely went from c.-28°C to -40°C. Nightmare to manage clothing. Hit by storm just as summiting and only 7 people summited that day. c.35% summit success rate anyway. Sadly assistance was required by mountain police for a fatality. Gianni Capano was brilliant, genuinely, a world class guide, including his team of portas. Massive thanks to 360 Expeditions and Marni Oostra for incredible project management. Base camp set up and efforts on recycling were excellent.

The expedition took 13 days (including flight time of London to Mendoza (Argentina), quick!). Alpine ‘flash’ speed and on oxygen (thank you Kari Kobler); the way forward.

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